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Advantages of drive-in rack and points for attention in purchasing

Drive-in pallet racking, also known as the corridor. The utility model is composed of a vertical column, a diagonal brace, a cross brace, a back pull, a top pull, a top cross beam, a partition brace, a double bracket, a hanging board, a single bracket, a foot guard, a guide rail, etc. . It’s a multi-door, pallet unit goods along the depth of one after another stored in the cantilever beam shelf structure.
Drive-in shelves are widely used in large quantities, few varieties of goods storage, such goods packaging unity, a single product, such as: food, tobacco, cold storage and other warehouses.
The advantages of the drive-in rack are:
1. The goods storage channel is also the forklift truck storage channel, is a kind of high density storage shelf.
2. It is usually used for the storage of goods of a small variety but in large quantities and with a low demand for picking.
3. The effective storage capacity of the warehouse can be increased by more than 100% according to the conventional plan of lifting height of the common forklift truck and three-layer goods in the corridor shelf. From the global storage cost calculation, generally within three years of increased storage capacity benefits can offset the investment costs.
4. The goods follow the principle of first in, last out, suitable for most of the handling machinery storage and transportation operations.
Points to note when purchasing drive-in shelves:
1.Understand pallet size, fork direction, pallet carrying capacity, each pallet location needs to store the maximum weight of goods.
2. Warehouse size, height, fire hydrant location, access location, etc. .
3. Forklift comprehensive data, maximum lifting height, maximum weight, forklift width, etc. .
The above three points for the design of entry-style shelves must be considered, one can not be missing.
Drive-in pallet racking
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