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Column Distinction Way of Warehouse Heavy Duty Shelves

Many people have not been able to distinguish the material of heavy duty shelves, whether it is the material of heavy duty shelves or the materials of medium duty shelves. The size of the materials can be best demonstrated. The cross-sectional size and thickness of each material determine the load-bearing weight of the shelf. In order to be able to meet the loading of goods, the selection of materials for production shelves is a crucial link.
So what material is used for heavy duty shelves? The column has multiple features such as made with mould, good loading capacity and easy assembly. For heavy duty racks above 500kg, the columns will use 80*60mm and 90*70mm or 100*70mm and 120*95mm. The weight of each column is different. The materials used the size is different, so how to choose the material? The following is an explanation from Spieth(Xiamen) Storage Shelf Manufacturers.
The column materials of the above heavy-duty shelves are not the only commonly used specifications in the market, and some are non-standard size materials, so how to choose the material? Generally, the load of each layer is 1 ton, using 90*70*1.5mm thick column. In order to save costs and use materials reasonably, the 90*70*1.5mm column material is the most frequently used one; When the layer weight reaches 2 tons, a 90*70*2.0mm column is required; when each layer of cargo weighs 3 tons, 100*70*2.0mm or 90*70*2.5mm can be used.
Then when buying a heavy duty rack, you need to know the weight you need first, and then select the material in the structure of the rack, and compare the size and thickness of the rack.
In summary, Spieth(Xiamen) Storage Shelf Manufacturers specialize in the production of heavy duty racks, mezzanine floor, mold shelves , medium duty racks, carton live storage racking, cantilever racking, drive-in pallet racking, etc., warehouse layout and quotation, pre-sales and after-sales one-stop service, welcome to consult. 
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