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Heavy-duty wire mesh container

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The metal wire container, also called the metal wire container, the foldable metal wire container is made of low carbon steel wire and has a hot-dip galvanized or colored PVC coating surface, which has anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects.
These line containers are mainly used in warehouses, supermarkets or other application scenarios to store or transport goods. They are foldable and stackable design, which can save space and transportation cost, especially in return trip or long-term storage of wire containers.
In addition, you can see the fold line container with mesh openings, so you can confirm what is in the container without opening the container.
We are a professional supplier of wire mesh containers, we can produce and customize wire mesh containers according to your requirements:
Exterior design
Fold line heavy duty wire mesh containers are mainly divided into two types:
General type. The conventional type is the most widely used and can meet your conventional needs.
Pack the container with PP board type metal wire. The PP sheet type is mainly used to avoid losing small items.
Door design
According to the design of the door, the wire container can be divided into 4 types. They are as follows:
1/2 discharge door.
Full gate.
Full gate on both sides.
Swing the door.
heavy duty wire mesh containers
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