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Reasonable management of storage shelves

Racks are loved by the majority of people because of their excellent performance in warehouse management. But in fact, many people have not really grasped the essence of rack management. How to effectively manage the rack? Spieth will answer for you, so that shelf management is no longer a problem.
1. Warehouse rack selection. How to choose a shelf and what kind of shelf to choose is a key part! From the shelf itself, there are many types of shelves: heavy-duty shelves, medium-sized shelves, rivet shelves, angle steel shelves, cantilever racks, loft shelves, etc. How to use these shelves reasonably is a very important science. And this step is generally arranged according to the characteristics of the storage items themselves. Regarding the situation of the stored items, you need to know the following points: size, weight, quantity, etc. Only by clarifying this information can the type of shelf be selected correctly and reasonably.
2. Layout planning. Layout planning refers to the layout of the warehouse, which should be determined according to the actual size and internal layout of the warehouse. Generally, it is necessary to follow the arrangement of convenient access and fire protection! Reasonable arrangement of the main passage and the auxiliary passage, and so on.
3. Turnover equipment. Generally refers to logistics vehicles and forklifts. Choosing turnover equipment should consider the size of the channel and the volume of storage items. Such as: the choice of manual forklift and electric forklift. In general small warehouses and warehouses with small items, manual forklifts are generally used because they are more flexible and affordable!
4. Rationalization logo. Goods stored on warehouse shelves must be clearly marked. Such as: quality identification, name and quantity identification, regional identification, etc.
The above is the effective management method of storage shelves. Storage shelves can not only improve our work efficiency, but also maximize the use of warehouse space. Therefore, we must do a good job in warehouse management and give full play to its role. 
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