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Spieth mezzanine floor racking system

The mezzanine floor racking system allows your company to optimize the vertical space of the warehouse by doubling or doubling the available surface area. Adding a mezzanine working platform is the most economical and effective way to increase warehouse storage space without increasing the expansion cost of the building.
When designing a mezzanine floor, it is important to consider access points, work systems, products, and processing methods to customize the planning system. The steel sandwich system can be completely disassembled and reused. The structure, size and position are easy to modify and can be used unlimitedly in almost any industrial environment.
More about advantages
Installation is fast, clean and simple
Custom design fits any pre-made warehouse layout and budget
Flooring options such as particle board, metal covered particle board, slotted or metal grid
Compatible with various shelves or industrial storage systems
Spieth's multifunctional mezzanine clips are made of high-quality components to create additional storage space in existing or new installations. Accessories such as stairs, handrails, vertical lifts, doors and safety cages can improve safety and help products flow from one floor to another. Our wide range of sizes, floor types and constructive systems means that your mezzanine can be adapted to your specific business needs.
There are several structural systems that can be used to adapt to the load, column span and space usage of the mezzanine floor racking system. Used for hot-rolled steel beam-to-bracket systems of medium to heavy design, or cold-formed steel sandwich steel with perforations for insertion of cables or sprinklers. In the initial design calculation, consider which type of sandwich floor to install.
These working platforms are enclosed by railings, creating a safe space for storage and picking tasks. The protective kick board is also installed at the bottom of the same area to prevent objects from falling off the sandwich board. The mezzanine can be used as a safety buffer and can be loaded and unloaded from the ground by installing (for example) upper and lower doors or rotating railings.
The stairs developed by Spieth are easy to install and provide quick access to the mezzanine floor. Robust and adaptable to different heights, they meet all current American building standards.
mezzanine floor racking system

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