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The advantages of steel platform shelf used in clothing industry

Spieth Xiamen Technology Co., Ltd. is an industry and trade integration company integrating design, manufacturing and sales. We have more than ten years of experience in the logistics and warehousing equipment industry, especially in the top five in China. Our many advantages make many customers very satisfied with our service. We are often consulted about relevant products. For example, we will introduce the steel loft platform below.
The shelf of steel platform shelf is a kind of multi floor shelf which can make full use of space. Generally, it is designed to be 2-3 floors, which can improve the space utilization rate up to 3 times. Common structures are divided into several types, one is that there are shelves upstairs and downstairs, the other is that there are shelves downstairs, and upstairs is a platform, and another is that there are no shelves upstairs and downstairs, which is pure platform structure. Clothing industry is often used is upstairs downstairs shelves, or downstairs shelves, upstairs is a platform structure type.
Because the products of the clothing industry are basically small and light goods, clothing can be directly placed on the shelf according to category, size, color, etc., and the goods packed in boxes can also be directly placed on the shelf or platform for storage. The design structure of attic platform shelf can accommodate a lot of goods. Because of the floor structure, you can also customize the hydraulic lifting platform or climbing ladder to cooperate with the storage and retrieval of goods. It can be seen that the use of loft platform shelves in the clothing industry is a very advantageous choice.

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