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The wooden boards are more flexible than the steel boards in the warehouse rack


Warehouse storage racking is quite common seen in our daily lives. Generally speaking, warehouse racks are usually used with light-duty racks, heavy-duty racks and mezzanine floor racks. We see that many shelves are steel plates, but some are wooden boards. Many customers think that steel boards are more durable than wooden boards in warehouse racks. If you think so, it would be a big mistake!

Warehouse shelf boards are made of multiple layers of thin planks, compressed into thick wooden plywood. You can say that the steel plate laminate is not too thick, but how much does it cost if the steel plate laminate is very thick? On the shelf, a set of medium-sized shelves has three layers, so there is more than one medium-sized shelf? Isn’t it inconvenient to use it if you want to put the shelf in a different position? In this case, it is best to use wood laminate, which can meet the disassembly and save costs. It can also make the shelves lighter and easier to move.

As we know that the goods that can be stored in the warehouse racks are not particularly heavy and can be manually operated. The loading capacity per each layer we designed is from 200KG to 500KG. If the loading capacity is too heavy, if it is made of steel boards, it will easily deform. The steel board is quite a thin layer. Everyone knows that if you put a heavy object on a thin board, it will deform or cut off directly. If you switch to wood boards, this will not happen. The thickness of the wood boards is about 15mm. The heavier cargo is not easy to deform and will not break.

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