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what is warehouse rack protectors

The warehouse rack protectors of the shelving system, also known as the column protection block, its main function is to protect the column and the racks when loading and unloading, to avoid the impact of the forklift when the shelf collapses. With the increasing demand for shelves now, more and more companies will consider adding plastic feet to each column when designing shelves for their warehouses. The steel rack protectors is a kind of plastic material with a certain height of protection device, usually the height is 300mm, 400mm and 600mm. According to different column sizes, choose different specifications.
Pallet rack protectors usually include two kinds, one is a structure made of plastic PVC and seaside, the color is yellow and blue. The price of this kind of product is relatively low, mainly because the sponge plays the role of anti-impact.
The other is composed of yellow and black plastic blocks with a height of 100mm, and is designed with anti-collision structure. This type of anti-collision effect is better, and then the price is correspondingly more expensive. Generally, it is used in the cases where the height of high shelves is high, the size of pallets is large or the weight is heavy. Its impact resistance is far greater than the first kind of foot protection.
The specific choice needs to be selected according to the height of the shelf, load bearing and budget. Generally speaking, we have the first one without special requirements, because of its low price, suitable for many general warehouses.
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